Pink Daisies Dress

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glittery pink daisies are quite groovy on this black dress. Actually, any color daisies would look nice because Sparkle 21 has such great color. You can paint these daisies on any garment of your choice.
On this cute sundress, I covered the bodice and started a garden on the hem.

You need:
  • black dress
  • Sparkle 21: Pink Sparkle, Very Berry Sparkle, Leaf Sparkle
  • Sparkle Gems: 8mm round pink mix
  • toothpick
  • printed pattern
  • chalk pencil
  • shirt painting board

pattern: print desired size

Try this:
1. Trace lines of daisy pattern with chalk pencil. Turn pencil side down on dress. Rub back of paper to transfer lines to fabric.
2. For each petal: Outline and fill in the base of the petal with Very Berry Sparkle. Outline and sort-of fill in the tip of the petal with Pink Sparkle.

3. Use the toothpick to comb back and forth through the Sparkle 21, blending the colors.

4. When all petals are complete, set a gem in the center.
5. To grow a garden at the hem: paint three daisies on the skirt. Using Leaf Sparkle, draw a straight line from each flower to the hem. Add leaves as desired.

How can you change the pattern to personalize it? Grow a garden of smaller daisies. Make multi color daisies. Use an amber gem for the centers. What else can you think of?

One really tall daisy up the leg of a pair of jeans would be far out!

Glitter on!


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