Hot Pink Glitter Shoes

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes a really great idea comes along. I did decorations for a women's event at church. The theme was about our walk with God. So, what else could I do, but shoes????

I went to the Salvation Army Thrift store and bought two shopping carts of shoes. I bought 50 pair. And I glittered every one with hot pink glitter. It was quite the hit and the pink glitter shoes have been recycled for other events since.

It was a great, inexpensive, easy to do decorating project. File that one away, you might need it someday.

Glitter on!

So Easy Glittered Candles

Monday, November 9, 2009

Many thanks to Owen's Grammie for glitter inspiration for this post. Last Christmas, she made me this pretty glitter candle in my fav color. It is a 9 inch pillar of gorgeous glitter and glam, I love it. And it got me thinking.

I was cleaning up a pile of stuff in my office. Yes, it's true, don't be shocked. I am sorry, I should have warned you that shocker was coming. I found four jar candles all wrapped up. I wish you could smell this pomegranite candle. Smells good, needs glitter.

And gems. I covered the jar in white craft glue. Then added some heart shaped Sparkle gems in pinks. Resist the urge to put the glue on heavy. That makes your gems slide.

And finally, it got covered in hot pink glitter. My advice to you is in your quest for a fabulous project, don't forget the easy ones. Yes, a kindergardener can do this project. Doesn't make it any less great.

Keep this in mind as you are shopping the sales during the holidays. It would warm your holiday table to have a grouping of glittered candles as a centerpiece. They could be in fall colors for your Thanksgiving table, traditional colors for your Christmas table, and in silver and gold for your New Year's table. Inexpensive, handmade and very appreciated gifts? Yes!

Glitter on!

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