Summer CHA

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here I am at the summer CHA show in Chicago. It is hot and steamy here, but I am spending time looking and finding tons of inspiration and playing with my fab friends. So, all is great!

I found some new product in the glitter booth. Interestingly, it is not glitter. But, I love these new gems in the shapes of numbers and letters. My mind is churning with project ideas, stay tuned! Who owns the creative mind that thought these up??

And, sample packs of sequins. I especially love the star shapes!

Sometimes accessories to go with my glitter is just as good as new glitter! You will find these new items at Jo-Ann stores.

Glitter on!

K's Sparkling Sand

Friday, July 16, 2010

Once again, K Andrew has creatively offered us a new use for glitter. She has made a recipe for sparkling sand that will stick to anything. She uses it in her tutorial on a paper castle on a scrapbook page. Check her out. You will love how her brain works!

Glitter on!

Glittery Tank

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This shirt took me about 5 minutes to make. It is a basic tank top with some added glitter that will dress up any outfit. You could wear it alone or under a jacket. I used Sparkle 21 Silver and Crystal. All you do is draw lines coming down from the neckline. Add a few dots if you like.

Inspiration came from this picture of a shirt sent to me by my pal The Diplomat. In this photo, the decoration is hanging chain.

We get the same shine from Sparkle 21, but less weight and less cost. it would be nice in other colors too!

Thanks The Diplomat!
Glitter On!

Guest Post on Anastasia Pollock

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This week I did a guest post on the blog of Anastasia Pollock. You have to check out her blog, it is very interesting.

Peace, and glitter on!

Sparkle's Wish

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Check out my guest post today on ThinkCrafts! Oh, I had such fun making this one. I think you will too. Who doesn't love a project that involves hardly any cost, loads of colorful glitter, and a cool end product?

Glitter on!

Glitter Swirls by K!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Look what I found! K Andrew is a designer who works in paper and she has done some terrific work with Swirl Glitter Glue. Go check out her two videos on fabulous sparkling, scrapbooking jelly swirls embellishments. You will want to make these right now!

Swirl glitter is so cool. There are two colors in each bottle, and when you squeeze it out, you can see both colors on your design. Amazing and so much fun!

Glitter on!

Glitter Week Guest Post

Check out my featured project today on Cool 2 Craft. It is glitter week. I know you love that as much as I do!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Here is the July version of our monthly framed kid's craft. See the original post for how to get started if you have not yet.

Love this beach umbrella. Wish it was life size and I was under it sitting on the beach! Just trace the pattern onto a piece of craft foam, cut out and glitter. Use any colors you want.
Print out this pattern and size it on your copier to fit the frame you have. Cut a long thin strip for the umbrella pole.

Glitter on!

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