Little Pumpkin Pencils

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love craft foam almost as much as glitter. These cute pencil toppers are very inexpensive to make. You can make enough for the whole class, or a bucketful to sell at the craft fair.

For each pencil, you need:
  • 2 pre-cut craft foam pumpkin shapes)or draw and cut your own in all different sizes and shapes)
  • glitter glue: green, copper, black, orange
  • pencil and scissors if you are drawing
  • white craft glue
Try this:
1. On one pumpkin, draw a smiley jack-o-lantern face.
2. Fill in with glitter glue. Add leaves or any other decoration you wish. Let dry.
3. Glue a plain foam pumpkin to the back of a decorated jack-o-lantern, with your pencil in the middle. Use plenty of craft glue. Weight it down with a book while the pieces dry together.
4. Write scary messages where everyone can see your cool pencil!

Have a glitter-filled halloween,
Glitter on!

Halloween Frame

Creepy! Oh! Maybe I should not say that about those two pirate wenches in my photo....arrrrggghhhh!

Wouldn't this be a fun project to make at your halloween party? Then take pics of the kids all dressed up and frame them to take home. Great memories!

You need:
  • craft foam: purple (4"x6"), orange (5"x7"), black (6"x8")
  • pre-cut halloween craft foam shapes (or draw and cut your own): moon, pumpkin, ghost, 3 stars, little bats
  • glitter glue: orange, purple, black, gold, green
  • self adhesive magnet strips
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
Try this:
1. Layer and glue together the foam rectangles as show in the picture. Trim your photo and glue it right on top.
2. Glue halloween shapes at corners.
3. Glitter it up! Use the photo for inspiration or do your own thing.
4. Put some magnets strips on the back. This will look great on the fridge!

Having a fall craft bazaar at school or church? Make several of these cute frames, take pics of kids free when they buy one. Fun!

Glitter on!

Trick or Treat Spider Hanger

Give me something good to eat!!! Craft foam and glitter glue, a marriage made in craft heaven. These little hangers would be great projects for kids, or for you to make and take to the teachers at school. I made mine 5" x 7", but you can make them any size. A big one would be fab on your front door!

You need:
craft foam: orange (5"x7"), black (4.5" x 5.5"), purple (4"x6")
pre-cut craft foam stars to match
12" of orange grosgrain ribbon with white dots
glitter glue: orange, black, purple, opal
2 8mm round crystal gems
2 black chenille stems

Try this:
1. Make the spider. Use a glass or something round to trace and cut out about a 2" circle. Cut the chenille stems in half. Glue them on the back side of the spider to form legs, bending the feet a bit. Cover the front of the spider with opal glitter glue. Set the gems in for eyes. Let dry.
2. Glue the three rectangle craft foam pieces together as you see them in the picture. Click on the pic to make it larger.
3. Glue the ribbon to the back, at the top to make the hanger.
4. On the front, glue 6 stars in place.
5. Print the words Trick or Treat on the front of the purple craft foam. Go over the lines with glitter glue. Add some purple glitter glue swirls on the background. Dot some orange glitter glue on the orange foam, and some purple in the centers of the stars.
6. Glue that scary spider at the bottom right corner. Let everything dry at least overnight before hanging or giving away.

If you are planning a treat bag for your little goblins, throw in a couple bottles of glitter glue. Lasts longer than candy and way better for your teeth!

Glitter on!

Ghost Hanger

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How cute is this halloween ghost hanger? Oh! I mean, how scary is this? Hang him on a doorknob, a wreath, your halloween tree, or wherever a scary touch is needed. He is so easy to make, kids can do it.

You need:
  • craft foam: white, yellow
  • 1/2 of a red chenille stem
  • 12" of black ribbon with white dots
  • Glitter glue: black, silver, red
  • 4" of clear round elastic
  • craft glue
  • paper and #2 pencil
  • scissors
Try this:

To see the ghost better, click on the photo of the ghost to make it larger.

1. Draw a ghost shape on the paper, with a kind of thick pencil line. Turn the paper upside down on white craft foam and trace the lines on the backside of paper. The pencil lines will transfer to the craft foam. Cut out the ghost.

2. Get a small bottle or film canister, something round. Trace around it on the yellow craft foam. Cut it out.

3. With black glitter glue, print BOO on the circle. Outline the ghost shape in silver glitter glue. Use black to make eyes and mouth. Draw a red glitter glue heart in the center of the ghost. Let all glitter glue dry.

4. Turn the ghost and the BOO circle upside down on crafting surface. Fold the piece of chenille stem in half and glue to the top/back of the ghost. Glue the elastic to the bottom of the ghost and the top of the BOO circle. Use a good amount of glue for this step. Let the glue dry.

5. Tie a bow with the ribbon around the chenille stem hanger, just above the ghost.

6. Hang him up where everyone can see him!

Halloween and glitter...a good match!
Glitter on!

Mom Visor

Moms have to show their colors at the game too! These foam visors are really inexpensive at the craft store. You could make them for all the team Moms. Or for the football sister. Maybe even the football Aunt. The are fast and easy to make:

You need:

  • Foam visor in your school or team color
  • White fun foam
  • Glitter Shakers: orange, crystal and your school colors
  • White craft glue
  • pencil
  • scissors

Try this:

1. Draw a football shape on white fun foam, and cut it out, if you are brave. If you are chicken, buy a foam or a wooden football shape at the craft store. Draw stripes and stitches with glue. Sprinkle crystal glitter on while wet. Shake off excess. Glitter background orange. Let dry.

2. Glue football to visor.

3. Print "Football Mom" on visor with glue. Sprinkle glitter over glue in school color.

It could not possibly be any easier than that. So easy that the kids could make them ahead of time and sell them at football games for a fundraiser. Just exchange "Football Mom" for Go Wolves! or whatever your team name is.

Glitter on!


Magnetic Locker Sign

Jake, Jake, He's Our Man! This is a good project now that school is in full swing.

It is a cool locker sign that the girls made for my nephew Jake. He is the star of the team, of course. But, this sign would make any player feel like the star of the team! This was for basketball season, but adapt it to football season or any sport season by changing the ball. You can find fun foam or wooden sports balls at just about any craft store. Just glitter it up and glue it on.

Make one for your star!

You need:

  • Glitter Shakers: your school colors plus black and orange (for basketball)
  • Big & Glitzy Glitter Glue: your school color
  • Fun Foam 9” x 18” in your school color (or whatever fits the locker)
  • Adhesive fun foam letters (size to fit name on rectangle)
  • Fun foam, any color
  • White craft glue
  • Adhesive magnet strips

Try this:

1. Peel paper backing off letters, stick to rectangle. Cover in glue, sprinkle glitter on while glue is wet, shake off excess.

2. On fun foam, draw and cut out numbers and large circle. (Or cut up a letter to make a number, you can see that my 7 used to be the Z) Glue to rectangle. Glitter numbers in school color. Draw seam lines on basketball, glitter black. Glitter background orange.

3. Draw outline around edges of rectangle with glitter glue

4. When dry, stick magnets to back.

You really could do this for any kind of school team or sport, right? Make a megaphone for a cheerleader or a theater mask for the cast of the school play. Get creative. Your star will love it!

Glitter on,


Glittering pumpkins

Friday, September 4, 2009

I love this video by Jo Pearson of Michaels Stores. Glittering a pumpkin! She has a most creative mind. Take a look. Her idea would also be gorgeous in gold glitter.

Glitter on!

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