Little Pumpkin Pencils

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love craft foam almost as much as glitter. These cute pencil toppers are very inexpensive to make. You can make enough for the whole class, or a bucketful to sell at the craft fair.

For each pencil, you need:
  • 2 pre-cut craft foam pumpkin shapes)or draw and cut your own in all different sizes and shapes)
  • glitter glue: green, copper, black, orange
  • pencil and scissors if you are drawing
  • white craft glue
Try this:
1. On one pumpkin, draw a smiley jack-o-lantern face.
2. Fill in with glitter glue. Add leaves or any other decoration you wish. Let dry.
3. Glue a plain foam pumpkin to the back of a decorated jack-o-lantern, with your pencil in the middle. Use plenty of craft glue. Weight it down with a book while the pieces dry together.
4. Write scary messages where everyone can see your cool pencil!

Have a glitter-filled halloween,
Glitter on!


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