Glittery Bird Tags

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Check out my guest post tonight on ThinkCrafts!

These Shrink plastic birds are so cute. Imagine a window full of them....

Glitter on!

Cupcake Hanger Kid's Craft

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am sharing this simple project because it is cute. It is also inexpensive to do with a group, like at a party. You could also make these and use them like postcards...maybe birthday party invitations. We love things with dual purpose, right?

You could also glitter any simple design instead of the cupcake.

You need:

  • 3x5” watercolor paper: 140 lb.
  • Glitter Glue: hot pink, gold, red
  • red chenille stem
  • #2 pencil
  • hole punch
  • printed pattern
Try this:

1. 1. Punch holes in top corners.

2. 2. With pencil, scribble over pattern lines on back side of pattern paper.

3. 3. Turn scribble side down on hanger. Trace pattern lines to transfer to paper.

4. 4. Color in design with glitter glue. Outline hanger with a thin line of gold. Let dry.

5. String chenille stem through holes, twist ends together.

Glitter on!


Autograph Book Kid's Craft

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer camp is on the horizon. Make this with your child before she heads out to campfires, games, crafts canoeing, and making new friends.

You need:

  • Blue craft foam
  • Glitter Glue: Orange, Kelly, Pineapple
  • Busy Kid’s Camp Tropical Silky Cord ( I got this in the kid's craft department at Michaels. There are 4 colors of cord that you will use for all kinds of projects, good to have in your craft stash)
  • Hole punch
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors
  • Drawing paper
  • Small stick, 5-6” long
Try this:

1. Cut two 4” x 6” pieces of craft foam. Cut drawing paper to same size, as many as you wish.

2. 2. Punch two holes side by side 1” below the top and bottom edges at the left hand side of cover. Punch holes in the same places on the back cover and the pages.


3. Cut a yard of cord, any color. Hold covers and pages together. Hold the stick on the front cover between the sets of punched holes.

4. String one end of cord:

· Up through one bottom hole

· Across stick, down through closest hole

· Up through one top hole

· Across stick, down through closest hole

· Repeat

· Bring both end of cord up through holes to the front, tie in a knot

5. On the left side, draw an Orange tree trunk. Add Kelly branches. In upper right corner, draw a Pineapple sun. Add Orange words: My Summer Camp Friends.

Design the cover to reflect the kind of camp that your child is attending. Or make it a journal. Filled with her thoughts or the autographs of friends, it will be an important memento of the summer.

Glitter on!

Water Bottle Jacket Kid's Craft

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why have a boring water bottle when you can have a hooty owl who is hooting Cooooooool!

Fun and easy project for kids! You need:

  • 5" x 7 ½” piece of yellow fun foam
  • glitter glue: orange, purple
  • Busy Kid’s Camp Tropical Silky Cord
  • 2 20mm wiggle eyes
  • hole punch
  • #2 pencil
  • printed pattern
  • scissors
  • white craft glue
Try this:

  1. . Punch 6 holes opposite each other on ends of fun foam piece.
  2. Scribble over pattern lines on back side of pattern paper with pencil.

  1. Turn scribble side down on foam on the left side of the rectangle. Trace pattern lines to transfer pattern to foam.
  2. Glue wiggles eyes to centers of eyes.
  3. Outline design with glitter glue. Print Coooool! on right side of rectangle. Let dry.
4. Lace the cord through the holes just like you lace up a tennis shoe. Slip it over the bottle, tighten up the lacing and tie a bow at the top.

Kid's Craft: Tie Dye Bracelets

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is a fun and easy project. Have all of your materials ready for a rainy day and it will entertain the kids for hours.

You need:
  • craft foam
  • glitter glue, at least three colors
  • toothpick
  • Velcro coins, self adhesive
  • scissors/ruler

Try this:
1. Cut a 1" strip.
2. Apply thick lines of your three colors.

3. Comb back and forth with the toothpick, blending the colors. Let dry.

4. Trim strip to the size needed to go around the wrist and overlap about an inch. Stick the Velcro coins onto the strip so they can hold the bracelet on the wrist.

Any color fun foam and glitter glue can be used. Design your own!

Glitter on!

Blog Hop: Bow Bangle

This is the last chapter of the current blog hop in which I am participating. The blog hop is sponsored by Sizzix and put together by Eileen Hull, who has also designed the ScoreBoard Die we all used for today's project.

The die is for a bow, was easy to assemble and I know you can think of a zillion ways to use it. Of course, mine is glittered and made into a bracelet.

These are the pieces, they are cut out of cardstock.

I assembled two of the three layers, not wanting my bow to be too big for the bangle.

I glittered the inside of the loops with dark pink glitter and the outside with light pink glitter. Then I stuck a big pink gem in the center and wired it to a bangle. Cute!

Check out what the other designers in the hop did with the bow:

Glitter on,

Sparkle's Car Art

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Check out my guest post at the Think Crafts! Blog. I was really inspired that day! Imagine all of the different art you can make for your car....

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June Flip Flops Kid's Craft

Monday, May 17, 2010

And now! We add a June project to this kid's project. For instructions, go here. Just use the flip flop pattern instead of the flower. Then on June 1, take the flower out of the frame and put in your new flip flop. Fun!

Glitter on!


May Flowers Kid's Craft

Friday, May 14, 2010

I am calling this a kid's craft because it is very easy, but even big kids might like to do it. This big pink May flower is cute, but I think we need a design for the frame every month. They can be changed at the beginning of every month.

Here is what you need:
  • a frame ( got this at the dollar store, it is 5" x 7")
  • a piece of scrapbooking paper the size of the frame
  • glitter (for this project, I used black, hot pink, and orange)
  • white adhesive fun foam
  • white craft glue
  • flat paintbrush
  • scissors
  • chalk pencil, not white
  • glue dot or some kind of repositional tape
Try this:
1. Take the frame apart. Glue the scrapbooking paper to the frame backing. Brush glue on frame. Sprinkle black glitter on while glue is wet. Let the glue dry, reassemble the frame.
2. Print out the flower pattern. Adjust it to fit your frame. Trace the pattern lines with chalk pencil. Turn pencil side down on fun foam. Rub the back of the paper, transferring lines to fun foam. Cut out the flower. Transfer the center to fun foam. Cut it out.
3. Remove paper backing and sprinkle glitter over adhesive: pink flower, orange center. Glue the center to the flower. Let dry.

4. Attach the flower to the center of the frame.

Cute! Change the color of your frame and paper if you like. This would be a cute gift for Grandma.

Stay tuned for a June design to change to when May is over.

Glitter on!

Happy Halloween???

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yes, it is May. Yes, I am working on Halloween projects. That is just the way it goes in the land of retail. What I worked on today are kid's craft projects for Michaels.

Anyway! I really wanted you to see these way cool confetti shapes. They are made of sequin material and are very sparkly and shiny. This candle has jack-o-lanterns, little spiders, and moons. Aren't they cute? Are you getting some halloween ideas forming in your creative mind?

Doesn't it make you excited for Halloween?
Glitter on!

Mini Journals

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I had fun this afternoon covering these journals. I love journaling and there is nothing more enticing to me than a pretty journal that is empty and clean. They just beg me to write or draw inside.

I bought these mini composition books at the dollar store. Four in a package for $1. They are small: about 3" x 4". A quarter a book, how can you beat that?

The first thing I did was find four scrapbook papers in my stash that color coordinated. I covered the composition books with the papers. Just run a line of tape around the book using a tape runner. Trim the edges of the paper. Voile! It just takes a minute to do this step.

Then I made a tape tip on my glue bottle. Have you done this? it is really great if you want to squeeze glue out in a thin line. Which I did.

For this journal, I squeezed glue out to cover the lines already on the paper. Then, I sprinkled crystal glitter to cover the glue lines. Done. Easy.

I did the same here except I did two colors.

This cover has a 3D flower. I cut a flower from the unused paper, glued it to white fun foam, cut it out again...and then glittered it with colors that matched: turquoise in the center, lime around that and crystal around the petal edges. Finally I glued it to the cover. This is my favorite one.

For this one, I spread the glue to cover the front of the journal, and covered it with crystal glitter. I cut out a flower from the unused paper, glued it to white fun foam, cut it out again...and then glued it to the front of the journal.

None of these took more than a few minutes. I know you can think of a million uses for these cuties. Wouldn't they be a cute gift or favor tied up with a ribbon?

Use scraps of paper to keep the cost down.
Glitter on!

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