Do Your Pencils Sparkle?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glitter pencils to go with your glitter notebook? They are so easy, it is crazy not to make some.

Start with pencils, any color.

Apply Sparkle 21 in whatever colors you love. Use more than one color if you wish. Let them dry. Be the envy of everyone else.

Glitter on!

The Best Notebook!

Monday, August 30, 2010

This notebook makes school so cool! In a few minutes with Sparkle 21 and some add ins, you can have one just like it.

Start with any spiral notebook. By the way, why do they feel it is OK to put the price sticker on the front of the notebook where it leaves glue and paper???

Choose your color of Sparkle 21. I used gold sparkle. Squeeze it out to cover the desired section on the notebook. Sprinkle in some seed beads or bugle beads. I used gold cube shaped seed beads. Sparkle 21 will hold them to the notebook when it is dry. Fill in as much or as little as you like.

In the next section, I used gold sparkle and I placed heart shaped Sparkle gems in a row.

In the third section, I used pink sparkle with pink buttons.

Let everything dry at least two days before packing the notebook into a bookbag.

Choose Sparkle 21 and beads, gems, buttons, or sequins in any colors you love.

Glitter on!

The Fixer Upper

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I was in the market for some thank you notes. I found some that I liked in the dollar bin at Michaels that I liked.

Pretty, but maybe a little plain, right? My motto: if it doesn't move, glitter it. I did a little outlining in gold glitter glue.

Nobody would accuse this note card of coming out of the dollar bin!

Glitter on!

Bead and Glitter Earrings

Amazing what a few seed beads and a little Sparkle 21 can do!

These poor naked earrings, don't you feel sorry for them? Don't worry, you can help them.

You just need a bottle of Sparkle 21 and some seed beads. I used Blue Heaven Sparkle and the gorgeous dark turquoise seed beads in the seed bead sample pack.

Squeeze out some Sparkle 21 to cover the front surface of the earring.

Sprinkle the seed beads on while the glitter is wet. Let them dry. They and you are fabulous.

Glitter on!

A Most Fabulous Bracelet

Making this bracelet requires no skill and you can make it in any color palette. It is shiny and sparkly, just gorgeous.

Start with a plain bangle bracelet. Mine is wood, but metal or bone or plastic will work as well.

Squeeze Sparkle 21 to cover a section of the bangle. I used Strawberry Sparkle. Place gems and sequins into the wet Sparkle 21. Mine are in a warm color palette of reds, oranges, golds. Pile them in there, it should look encrusted. Work your way around the bangle, filling it up.

Let it dry at least 2 days before you wear it.

This bangle is inexpensive to make, and fast and easy to assemble. That is good, because everyone will want one!

Glitter on!

Retro Button Rings

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bold rings are one of the big jewelry trends of 2010. This ring is made of a printed wood button. Very retro. And so easy to make.

My creative friend NJ Button Girl taught me how to make these beautiful button rings. Isn't she smart?

Try this:
1. String three E beads on a piece of craft wire and string it through the button holes. Twist the wires together on the back and trim the wire short.

2. Hot glue the button onto a flat top ring finding.

3. Make a tape tip on a bottle of white craft glue.

4. Draw on the button where you want the glitter to be. In this case, I just followed the words already printed on the button. Sprinkle glitter over the glue. I used a sample pack of fine glitter, so I had several colors at my disposal.

Love these. You can find everything you need to make these rings at Michaels and at Jo-Ann's stores. It is a fun group project because you will see each person's creativity come out!

Glitter on!

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