Sparkle 21 Groovy Flower Shirt

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Know a cute young thing who would look so cute in this? Imagine it with leggings...... So cute and so sparkly. Have I said cute??? This is a very simple pattern to do, you could put it on any garment. It would be adorable on the leg of your jeans.

You need this:
  • pink short or garment of your choice
  • Sparkle 21: Pina Colada, Raspberry Sorbet, Limeade
  • Sparkle gems: 8mm round mix, chose colors you like
  • Chalk pencil (optional)
Try this:

1. Make a pattern of a long, thin triangle, cut it out, and use it to trace and make flowers on shirt.
2. Trace design with chalk pencil on shirt before adding glitter if desired. Make three big flowers, each with 6 petals.
3. Draw and fill in a circle at the center of each flower with Pina Colada. Set three gems into center while glitter is wet. Outline triangle petals with Raspberry Sorbet. Make the outline thick and add three dots inside the petals.
4. Add two Limeade curlicues and three Limeade dots for each flower.

Add your own touches. Change the sizes of the flowers, or even the colors. Make it your own!

Glitter on!


Sylvie said...

I hadn't thought of little-girl clothes!!! I have a niece who would LOVE sparkly clothes as much as her aunt would love sparkly shoes! Ok... how many bottles of Sparkle 21 am I going to end up buying this weekend??? LOL

Owen's Grammy said...

I like all the t-shirts they have now with the muted patterns and designs on them--but not all of them have glitter and gems--now I can see with this product, I can add my own!

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