Sparkle 21 Peace Tank Top

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have a little faux tie dye action happening here on this peace sign. I did it on a tank top, but I think it would be really great done on a denim jacket. You could add more graffiti to it and make it really far out!

This is a pretty fast wearable project that is made with Sparkle 21. It looks great and washes great. Try it.....

You need:

  • Sparkle 21TM: Mermaid, Pina Colada, Leaf
  • pink cami...or denim jacket...or whatever you want to put it on
  • shirt painting board
  • plate
  • chalk pencil
  • wide flat brush

Try this:

1. Trace a plate with chalk pencil on shirt. Draw inner lines to form a peace sign. You can freehand this, just look at the photo.

2. Starting in the center, make a swirl of Mermaid Sparkle. Add swirls of Pina Colada and Leaf . Draw thick lines of the colors you desire on the inside and outside lines of peace sign.

3. Use the flat brush to spread the glitter to cover the peace sign. Blend the colors a little to make them kind of look like tie dye.

Peace out and Glitter on!


4. Write "peace" next to the peace sign.


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