Sparkle 21 Bling Shirt

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You will be calling upon your creativity to make this shirt. And that is good, right?? This is an opportunity to add all the bling you want to one fun shirt. You will use Sparkle 21, and feel free to add gems if you want them.

I am going to tell you how I made mine, and you can go from there. Change or add colors and gems and sequins.

You need:

  • Sparkle 21TM: Night, Copper
  • Fashion Sequins: gold/silver/copper
  • Sparkle gems: red hearts
  • Chalk pencil (optional)
  • shirt painting board
  • shirt of your choice

Try this:

1. Draw chains with chalk pencil if desired. Freehand if you want to. Use both colors of glitter to draw chains. A chain can be round, oval or rectangle links. You can also make ball chain by making it all dots close together in a row.

Note: As in the model, chains do not need to be perfectly symmetrical.

2. At the bottoms of the chains, add medallions, pendants, tassels, drawn with glitter. They can be any shape. You see I have a big round one, a heart and a tassel.

3. Add sequins and rhinestones, set into wet glitter. Put them anyplace you want them.

Have fun designing and wearing.

Glitter on!


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