Flip Flops

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As soon as I finish posting this, I am making myself a pair of these flip flops. Click on this photo to make it a little larger so you can see everything. My friends Imaginina and her boss made these this morning. They also made us a little video so we could see exactly how to do it. Imaginina is not Spielberg, but I am not telling her that!

Take a look:

How easy is that???

As you saw, you can make a pair of these in literally minutes. The longest process is choosing your color palette. Gather your supplies!

You need:
  • a pair of flip flops
  • Sparkle 21 in your color choice
  • handful of gems and sequins in a coordinating color palette
Try this:
1. Squeeze a little Sparkle 21 onto the strap surface.
2. While it is wet, set in some gems and sequins. Put on as many or as few as you like. They can overlap.
3. Continue, covering both straps. Let dry before wearing.

Sparkle 21 is a new glitter product. I have tried it and love it. It is permanent and washable, so it can go on clothing. It sticks to any surface. I have used it on garments, plastic, wood, tin, glass, and paper. There is a lot of glitter in it, it is gorgeous. You can find it at some Jo-Ann Fabrics stores, or get it from Createforless.com. You can see all of the colors there.

Gotta go, I have a naked pair of flip flops waiting for me.

Glitter on!

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Sylvie said...

This is the project that hooked me on wanting some of this stuff!!! I'm afraid that I'm going to become addicted to Sparkle 21 when I get it and will embellish my whole house! Can I ask... are those croc flip flops? I love the lime!

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