Fanciest Birdhouse Ever

Friday, July 10, 2009

It is the perfect summer day here, and as I sat listening to the birds outside, I remembered a great birdhouse I made. Take a look!

I was drawn to this glitter sample pack. Who wouldn't be? It has so many colors. I had this prepainted wooden birdhouse and a bottle of white craft glue, and that was all I needed. You probably have the same stuff sitting in your craft area right now.

You need:
  • wooden birdhouse, these are really inexpensive at Michaels and pre-painted
  • white craft glue in a bottle
  • the Glitter Sample Pack
  • a flat paintbrush would be helpful, but not necessary
Try this:
  • To cover larger areas, brush glue to cover area and sprinkle glitter over the glue while it is wet.
  • On the body of the birdhouse, draw designs like flowers and swirls with the glue right out of the bottle. Sprinkle with glitter while glue is wet.
You can draw or write anything you want, and you have lots of colors to use. So easy, and so sparkly!

If you are putting this outside, you have to use washable fabric glue, and keep it in the shade.

Glitter on!


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