Glitter Glue, the Stuff of Life

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glitter glue is sometimes thought of as a kid's craft product. Yes, kids love it, but glitter glue can be used for so much more than writing Happy Birthday on a card.

Look at these decorated wood flower cut outs. Four things you can do with glitter glue are:
1. Draw with it...lines, dots, is easy because you just squeeze the glitter glue out of the bottle. It has a nice tip for line work.

2. Decoupage...add paper to another surface by adding a thin layer of glitter glue under the paper, and a thin layer on top of the paper. You can add that layer with a brush or your finger.
3. Attach beads, sequins and rhinestones...Squeeze a layer of glitter glue onto the surface. Set the beads, sequins or rhinestones into the glue while it is wet.
4. The super glitter effect...brush a coat of opal glitter glue over anything to make it sparkle.

Don't forget that you can glue things together with it, it really is glue!

Glitter on!


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