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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last week, a consumer craft show was held in Orlando. Many of the craft manufacturers were there with booths open to the public. They sold product and they did free Make it Take its in their booths. Michaels Stores also had a big booth and invited show attendees to make some great projects. Here is a fun project that ran for two days, using.....don't be surprised...glitter glue!

Over 200 of these frames were made in two days. People lined up at the table to get a turn to sit down and craft. Some participants were on vacation and skipped tourist spots to attend. They actually spent 2 days of their vacation at the CHA Consumer Show!

The crowd was a mix of local people, tourists, and people who came specifically to see the show. People came from Indiana, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and even as far away as England and The Netherlands.

Even though her shirt says she didn't do it, she did! The project was to decorate a frame using bright, colorful buttons from Blumenthal Lansing and Big & Glitzy Glitter Glue from Sulyn.

Everyone seemed to love the projects and left smiling. They loved the abundance of buttons in piles on the tables, picking through them and seeing all the beautiful colors. And of course, who does not love decorating with Big & Glitzy Glitter Glue?

This is a great project idea for a group of adults or children. It would be a fun activity for a birthday party, a family reunion, Vacation Bible School, Cub Scouts, you name it. I will bet that you have a group or two who would love doing this as much as all of these people in Orlando did!

Glitter on!


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