Velvet Glitter Heart Frame

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is one of the projects that people loved at the consumer craft show in Orlando last week. Want to try it?

You need:
  • any size white wood frame
  • Velvet Glitter Sample Pack (You can buy Velvet Glitter at Michaels!)
  • Awesome Glue (You can also buy Awesome Glue at Michaels!)
  • piece of pretty ribbon
  • 3-4 plastic heart buttons
  • 11-12 plastic round buttons
  • Tools for Glittering (optional)
  • pencil
Try this:
1. Glue ribbon across two frame corners. Wrap ribbon around sides to the back of frame.
2. Draw several hearts on the frame. You can trace different size heart buttons if you want to use patterns.
3. Work on one heart at a time. Fill in heart with glue. Sprinkle glitter into wet glue. Shake off excess glitter.
4. Glue buttons any place you like on frame.

Be creative. Try your own design! Pick your favorite colors!

You will really like the Tools for Glittering. Two funnels will help you reuse and save excess glitter for next time. Use the little scoop to apply glitter right where you want it. The glue spreader helps you get a smooth layer of glue. And the brush will clean up your project nicely.

Glitter on!


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