Hearts and Stars Mobile

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Glitter glue is one of the seven wonders of the world, isn't it? And it comes in so many colors!

This is a fun and girly mobile. It was inexpensive to make and of course, sparkly! You could add more levels of dangles and make it bigger, or you could make it smaller with only one level. Let the girls make it themselves, they can decorate with words and names and whatever is meaningful to them.

I used sticks from the yard for the cross bars, they were free! Make sure to glitter both sides of each heart or star so when they twirl around, there is something to see.

Add gems or sequins or extra glitter. Little white alphabet beads would be fun too. It can be hung in a bedroom, a classroom, anyplace. Mine is hanging on my patio. Give it a try, making it is as fun as hanging it!

You need:

Paper mache shapes: 3 hearts, 3 stars (get them with cord hangers on them)

Acrylic paint: turquoise, pink, yellow, lavender, lime (or whatever colors you love)

Glitter Glue: opal, silver, purple, blue moon ( or your favorite colors)

4 yards lime green 3/8” grosgrain ribbon (the cutest ribbon is available at craft stores)

Bling Bling! Large asst shape gems

10” stick and two 8” sticks

flat paintbrush



Try this:

1. Paint paper mache shapes and sticks as desired. Let dry.

2. Decorate both sides of each paper mache shape with glitter glue doodles of lines, dots, stripes, words etc. Add adhesive backed gems where desired. Let dry.

Note: you can also use gems without adhesive backing. Squeeze out some glitter glue. Set the gem into the wet glitter glue and tap it gently down into the glitter to set it.

3. Cut four 9” pieces of ribbon. Tie two finished paper mache pieces to each end of an 8” stick. Tie through gold cord on paper mache pieces. Trim ribbon ends if desired.

4. Cut 1 ½ yard length ribbon. Tie one end to a finished paper mache piece, tieing through gold cord.

5. About 5 ½” above knot, tie to center of short stick holding two paper mache pieces.

6. About 4 above that knot, knot to one end of longest stick.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for the other side of the mobile.

8. Tie remaining ribbon ends together in bow about 8” above center of top stick.

9. Hang it!

Have fun and glitter on!



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