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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dig out all of your craft scraps, and let's make award badges for everyone we know. Who doesn't love a little encouragement or recognition? So, what if it is for a funny or small achievement, it can be awarded. I made this one for myself. It is not for an achievement so much, as it just makes me feel groovy! I cut the back out of hot pink stiffened felt, the center circle out of a cereal box ( I said scraps!) and added some silver glitter glue (peace, man) and a ribbon bow. I glued a pin back behind the bow.

Click on the pics to see them larger......
Cereal box circle covered with some pink fun foam. Glue some bits of hot pink boa on the back. Add a ribbon to go around the neck. Draw on it with marker and glitter glue. Are you getting the idea?

This is a basic plan for an award badge:

1. Background: Cut a circle from cardboard, posterboard, or a cereal box like I did. You can trace a glass or a roll of tape, whatever you have at hand. Cover the circle with fun foam, scrapbooking paper, piece of fabric, construction paper, etc.

2. Designate the award: Draw or print with glitter glue, marker, glue with glitter, make it eye catching. I know you can think up an award for everyone you know. Or maybe you are having a field day or contest and need awards. Here you go!

3. More decoration: as much or as little as you like.

4. Make it wearable: Add a ribbon to go around the neck like an olympic medal, or a pin back to be pinned onto the shirt.

Cereal box circle covered with scrapbooking paper. Little alphabet beads set into glitter glue. You can spell anything that way.

Construction paper over the cereal box circle. Glitter glue MVP. Short pieces of ribbon stapled to the back.

Who do you know that loves rhinestones?

Cereal box circle covered in scrapbooking paper. Double sided adhesive letters. Glitter sticks to the front, the back sticks to the circle. Add a piece of ribbon for decoration, and a pin back to make it wearable.

Cover the cereal box circle with a piece of paper and then a coating of glitter glue. Set the alphabet beads into the glitter while wet. Add ribbon and a pin back.

A larger circle of felt behind the cereal box circle. Cover the smaller circle with fun foam. Add a glitter glue cross and letters, ribbon and pin back.

The sky is the limit. And this is a good way to use up your scraps of paper and ribbon and such. Make yourself an award that says Most Creative!

Glitter on,

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votemom said...

can you make me a badge with no sparkles and no glitter?

i love you sparkle, but i think you're a bit weird. ;o)

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