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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Annabelle and Allie came over today to show me how to use Sparkle 21 to glitter a pretty shirt. They are so creative. Their technique is very easy and allows for a lot of your own creativity. As they say, "Make it you!"

This is the shirt I made following Annabelle and Allie's instructions. Try it yourself, it is quite easy.

You need:
  • a shirt on a shirt board
  • Sparkle 21 in 2 or 3 colors of your choice
  • masking tape
  • waxed paper
  • heart gems (optional)
Try this:
1. Place pieces of tape on the shirt where you will put the design. Press the tape firmly to the shirt.
2. Randomly squeeze Sparkle 21 on the front of the shirt.
3. Place the waxed paper over the glitter. Press and smoosh with fingers, to make the Sparkle 21 blend. Lift waxed paper to ad more Sparkle 21 if desired.
4. Remover waxed paper. Remove masking tape.
5. If desired, add heart shaped gems. Squeeze two small dots of Sparkle 21 onto shirt, place heart gem into glitter whole wet. Tap down into glitter. Let dry before removing from board.

This would be a fun party project for a group of any age. It took only minutes to make a great looking and sparkly shirt!

Thank you Annabelle and Allie!
Glitter on!


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