Magnetic Locker Sign

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jake, Jake, He's Our Man! This is a good project now that school is in full swing.

It is a cool locker sign that the girls made for my nephew Jake. He is the star of the team, of course. But, this sign would make any player feel like the star of the team! This was for basketball season, but adapt it to football season or any sport season by changing the ball. You can find fun foam or wooden sports balls at just about any craft store. Just glitter it up and glue it on.

Make one for your star!

You need:

  • Glitter Shakers: your school colors plus black and orange (for basketball)
  • Big & Glitzy Glitter Glue: your school color
  • Fun Foam 9” x 18” in your school color (or whatever fits the locker)
  • Adhesive fun foam letters (size to fit name on rectangle)
  • Fun foam, any color
  • White craft glue
  • Adhesive magnet strips

Try this:

1. Peel paper backing off letters, stick to rectangle. Cover in glue, sprinkle glitter on while glue is wet, shake off excess.

2. On fun foam, draw and cut out numbers and large circle. (Or cut up a letter to make a number, you can see that my 7 used to be the Z) Glue to rectangle. Glitter numbers in school color. Draw seam lines on basketball, glitter black. Glitter background orange.

3. Draw outline around edges of rectangle with glitter glue

4. When dry, stick magnets to back.

You really could do this for any kind of school team or sport, right? Make a megaphone for a cheerleader or a theater mask for the cast of the school play. Get creative. Your star will love it!

Glitter on,



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