Flower Power Desk Lamp

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If they are not going to make and sell us cute desk lamps, I say we make our own! Use one you have or buy an inexpensive, boring one. Mine is a standard black desk lamp with a round head. Then gather your favorite Sparkle 21 colors. I made mine pink and black, but you should make yours in colors you like. Sparkle 21 really sticks to craft foam, so it is perfect for this project.

You need:
  • a desk lamp
  • a sheet of adhesive craft foam (mine is pink)
  • Sparkle 21 (I used Night Sparkle, Very Berry Sparkle, Pina Colada Sparkle)
  • Fine glitter: fuchsia
  • Flower Pattern
  • Pencil/scissors
Try this:
1. Print out pattern. Use copy machine to make the size flower you want. Mine is 8 1/2 inches across.

2. Cut out the flower pattern. Trace it onto craft foam.
3. Trace desk lamp circle onto a piece of paper. Trace that into center of your craft foam flower. Cut out the flower and the hole in the center.
4. Using Night Sparkle, randomly draw circles to cover the flower. Put a dot inside each circle. Let dry.
5. Peel backing paper off other side of flower. Shake fuchsia glitter onto exposed adhesive. Shake off excess glitter.
6. Draw intersecting lines of Pina Colada and Very Berry to cover top of lamp head . Let dry.
7. Place on lamp head. Run line of Sparkle 21 around it to attach flower to lamp head. Let dry.

assembled flower

underside of flower, glittered

What a great gift for a student or someone setting up a home office...

Glitter on!

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