Give Peace a Glittery Chance

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today was kid's craft day. I have to report that every kid we had at the table was so cute, very well behaved, super smart, and loved to craft. Attention Mothers! Crafting must do something great for kids! It is all true. Every child we played with today was all of the above.

We threw glitter glue, beads and gems onto the center of the table and the creating began.

Cute and smart!



Could she be cuter? I got a hug.

Pushing up the sleeves, getting down to business.


Even the tiny ones did amazingly well.

So, you can see that we had a great time at the Make it Take it table today. The big kids and the really big kids were pretty great too.

Thanks to all of you who joined us today to give peace a glittery chance.

Glitter on! (California has it covered)


Anonymous said...

i tried to load the page on the back of the card given at the cha show, it doesn't recognize it. help?

Sparkle said...

Oh dear! Try cutting and pasting this:

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