Flower Power Tote Box

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Having really cool storage helps me clean up my workshop. Think that would work on your kids? Try it!

You need:

  • Sparkle 21: Very Berry Sparkle, Blue Suede Sparkle, Pina Colada Sparkle, Vintage Sparkle
  • Large hard sided tote (Mine is lime green)
  • Flower Power Pattern
  • Chalk pencil
  • Flower trim: enough to go around four sides of tote
  • White craft glue
  • toothpick
Try this:

1. Glue trim around top of tote.

2. Print pattern. Draw over pattern lines with chalk pencil. Turn chalk side down on tote. Rub back of paper to transfer chalk lines. Transfer as desired.

3. Fill in flower petals with colors of choosing, or follow the photo.

4. Change the flower centers: peace sign, smiley face, tie dye, solid.

Draw a smiley face with Blue Suede. Fill in the circle with Pina Colada.

Fill in the peace sign with Blue Suede. Leave the inside sections blank, the tote color will show.

Outline the flower center with a thick line of Very Berry. Inside that make a thick line of Pina Colada. Inside that, make a small circle of Vintage. use toothpick to blend the colors together. Go HERE to watch a video of the tie dye technique.

5. In the spaces between flowers, print words: peace, love, joy...or any other words of your choosing.

Glitter on!


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