Peace Sign Jeans

Monday, December 28, 2009

This is the first in a series I am working on called Mod Girl. It is going to be really Retro 70s..... lots of peace signs and flower power. I think girls of any age will enjoy these designs. Aren't these jeans totally groovy? Hope you enjoy! To make these jeans,

You Need:
  • a pair of jeans
  • Sparkle 21: Night Sparkle, Very Berry Sparkle, Blue Suede Sparkle
  • light color chalk pencil
  • the patterns
Try this:
1. Print out the patterns and make them the size you wish.
2. Trace the pattern lines with chalk pencil. Lay chalk side down on pantleg. Rub on backside of paper to transfer the lines to denim. Transfer as many as you want on the pantleg. I made all round peace signs with one heart peace sign.

3. Trace the pattern lines with Night Sparkle. Lay flat and let dry.
4. Fill in the round peace signs with Blue Suede Sparkle and the heart peace sign with Very Berry Sparkle. Lay flat, allow to dry before wearing.

As usual, adapt the pattern size to fit your garment. You may also change the Sparkle 21 colors to suit you. Use your favorite colors. Think about making this design your own. Place it on a shirt sleeve, or up the leg of a tall pair of boots instead of a pantleg.

Stay tuned for more Retro fun,
Glitter on!


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