It's a Hot Pink Christmas

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

While not exactly traditional, these hot pink ornaments are merry. Add some Big & Glitzy Glitter Glue and Fashion Sequins, and they are merry and fabulous! They were very easy to make. For some helpful tips on working with Big & Glitzy, check out the Craft Sisters' video.

To make your own fabulously merry ornaments, you need:

  • Big & Glitzy....I used Peridot, Garnet, and Sterling

  • Round glass ornaments...I found hot pink in matte and shiny
  • Fashion Sequins.... I used the pink, silver, green mix
Try this:

1. On a matte finish ornament, using Sterling Big & Glitzy, draw squiggles.

2. Set the smallest size sequins randomly in the glitter glue while wet.

3. On a shiny ornament, apply dots of Peridot Big & Glitzy. Set the largest size silver sequins in the Big Glitzy while wet.

4. Squeeze out Sterling Big & Glitzy to cover top half of matte finish ornament. Set all sizes of sequins in the Big & Glitzy while wet.

5. Add a row of large size sequins underneath.

6. On shiny ornament, make vertical rows of Garnet Big & Glitzy dots. Set medium sized sequins in the Big & Glitzy while wet.

Change the colors of the ornaments, glitter glue, and sequins as you wish. Experiment with your own designs. Turn on a Christmas movie and get to work!

Glitter on!


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