One More Last Minute Christmas Glittering!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There are just a couple days until Christmas 2009, and you probably already have all of your decorating done, all your baking done, all your presents bought and wrapped to perfection, and you are sitting with your feet up drinking a cup of tea and watching TV. Yeah, that made me laugh too. So, if you are in need of a last minute project, this would work for decorating, or as a package topper, or a gift.

I went to the craft store yesterday and noticed Christmas items are 50%-70% off. So, now is the time to find some really inexpensive silk poinsettias. Even if they are sad looking, you will fix them up from sad to happy.

These pre-glittered poinsettias were $9.99 each. They are beautiful, yes, but you can do the same on your sale poinsettias for much much less. Notice what they did:
- outlined some leaves with glue and glitter
- covered some petals with glue and glitter
- covered the centers with glitter

Use glitter in the same color for a subtle look, or,

use glitter in a contrasting color that will stand out visually.

This is a small poinsettia. It came on a bush, so was even more cost effective. The very creative ladies who put on a banquet at church this month, made one of these for each attendee. See that they outlined some of the petals and added a few gems. They turned it into a pin. Beautiful. I have gotten many compliments on mine when worn.

Glitter on!


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