Natural Centerpiece

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spring and summer have nothing on fall. On my walk this morning, I picked up a few fall decorations.... a few shiny sticks, a giant leaf, and some....whatever these other things are. They are like acorns, but the caps are larger and fuzzy. They intrigued me so I picked up a handful.

I sprayed a gloss finish on the parts and sprinkled holographic glitter over top, quickly before it dried. Gold on the acorns, orange on the sticks, red on the big leaf. I used glitter left over from my Holographic Sample Pack that I used earlier in the week to make leaf canvases.

Then just sat them all on the table with a candle. I have not even lit the candle yet and the room smells so good.

Get outside, see what you can find.
Glitter on!


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