Tea and Embellishment

Friday, September 10, 2010

I bought this teacup at IKEA a couple days ago. I was looking for something to set on my desk to hold my pretties. I always have a small pile of beads and trinkets that sit on my desk. It is sort of like a waiting place, maybe an evaluation place. I look at the beads until I decide the perfect project for them.

So, this coloring book teacup called to me and I knew I could color inside the lines with Sparkle 21.

And so I did. You could do the same. You don't even need the coloring book pattern on the cup and saucer. Just doodle.

Somehow, having the auditioning beads and trinkets in the teacup makes them seem even more interesting.

Wouldn't this be a great centerpiece? Paint three teacups and place them in the center of the table. A little Sparkle 21 will create table happiness!

Glitter on!


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