Fall Color In the House

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The big maple tree in my backyard stays green till the bitter end. And then it turns brown, dead. No pretty color for my yard. No problem, I will have some in the house then! So can you.

You need:
  • a leaf from your yard
  • two 5" x 7" canvas boards
  • black acrylic paint and a flat brush
  • a holographic glitter sample pack
  • white craft glue or decoupage medium
  • a dry flat brush
  • white chalk pencil
Try this:
1. Paint the canvas boards black. Let them dry completely.
2. Trace the leaf on the boards. Place it however you want it on each.
3. Brush one leaf shape with glue. Sprinkle glitter over glue while wet. You have several nice fall color choices in the glitter sample pack. Use more than one color per leaf, if you want. Shake off the excess. Let the glue dry. Repeat for the other canvas.

4. Use a dry flat brush to brush away any excess glitter that sticks to the canvas in areas where you don't want any.

You can hang the canvases or prop them up against the wall on a shelf like I did. There is no reason for fall to be depressing with glitter leaves in the house!

Glitter on!


Paula Laird said...

Love this! So going to try it! Our leaves don't turn colors either.

von Hand zu Hand said...

nice idea.
i have to try. and i know, i will love to use all the beautiful autumn colours.

i'm linking.
thanks for this tutorial.


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