Glittering at Girl's Night In

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tonight, Imaginina and Her Boss took me with them to a local Rescue Mission. Are you noticing a trend here? It is the second time this week that Imaginina and Her Boss invited me and my glitter to a fun night with a group of women. Fun! See Her Boss's blog for more details on the evening.

We visited with a group of girls from age 6 to 60. The glitter glue craft was a hit.

They each chose three colors of glitter glue for their peace signs, and used a high tech tool to blend the colors together. They were masters of the glitter glue tie dye look! And the high tech tool? A toothpick!

Very colorful. And sparkly!

A beautiful rainbow.

Can't wait to see what Imaginina and Her Boss invite me to next!
Glitter on!


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