Imaginina, Her Boss, and the Real Moms

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I went with my friends Imaginina and Her Boss tonight to their church. They glittered tote bags with the Moms in the Real Moms group. These Real Moms get together every other week and they have formed friendships and learned lots of things together.

These are the patterns that Imaginina and Her Boss brought for the Moms.

They had a choice of pattern, scripture verse, and colors of Sparkle 21.

They began by tracing their patterns with chalk pencil. Then they laid the patterns on the totes with the chalk side down to transfer the lines.

Then they covered the pattern lines with Sparkle 21.

They really did a good job. The tote bags were very nice! For more pics, go to Normal Girl's blog.

I love hanging out with Imaginina and Her Boss, they have fun friends.
Glitter on!


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