Glitter Hoodie

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love this hoodie so much, I want it in every color. Sparkle 21 does an excellent job of dressing up a plain sweatshirt. The design is made with three small patterns placed randomly. Easy!

You need:

  • Dark green hoodie
  • Sparkle 21: Leaf Sparkle ( I used one whole bottle for what you see here. Get an extra if you want to cover the entire front)
  • Printed patterns
  • Chalk pencil
Try this:

1. Print patterns. Trace pattern lines with chalk pencil. Turn chalk side down on sweatshirt. Rub back of paper to transfer lines to fabric. Randomly transfer three designs to cover one side of hoodie and one arm. Turn them in all directions. You can even flip them over so they face the other direction.

2. Draw over pattern lines with Leaf Sparkle. Add extra dots or lines if desired.

Feels like doodling!
Glitter on!


Owen's Grammy said...

Love it!!!

Faith-Magdalene Austin said...

This is a good tip to transfer patterns in a way that doesn't ruin the fabric if mistakes are made.
Love the green glitter.

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