Glittery Pinwheels Kid's Craft

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pinwheels are so easy to make. You can use them as a toy, a party decoration, you could even use them as a cake topper. Glitter them in colors and patterns as you like.

You need (for each):

  • 7” square fun foam
  • glitter glue colors of choice
  • scissors
  • pencil with eraser
  • quilt pin
  • ruler
Try this:

1. Using glitter glue, draw design on fun foam square as desired. Let dry.

2. Measure and mark center point. Use scissors to cut from each corner into the center, stopping about an inch away from the mark

3. Fold the point of each section to the center mark. Stick the quilt pin through the four corners at the center of the pinwheel, and into the pencil eraser. You could also build it on a drinking straw or a dowel rod.

Fold your pinwheels with the painted side up or the painted side down.

Line your sidewalks with these for the summer holidays. Fun!
Glitter on!


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