Spring Flowers Cap

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My friends Imaginina and her Boss made a trip to the beach this week. Before they left, I made them a glittery hat to take and wear. Since it is spring...in most places, anyway...I made giant flowers with gem centers using Sparkle 21 and Sparkle Gems. They really shine when the sun hits this hat. It is an easy pattern that you can freehand. That makes it fast! Try it,

You need:
a denim hat, I got this one at my local craft store for $2.99!
Sparkle 21": Lavender Sparkle, Pina Colada Sparkle (or choose whatever colors that are calling out to you)
8mm round Sparkle Gems: ambers

Try this:
1. Make a big squiggly circle of Sparkle 21. Make a smaller one inside. Make a filled in center.

2. While it is wet, set three gems into the center.

3. Keep doing that all over the cap, alternating colors. Let it dry overnight and take it out for a test spin!

Add a few leaves if you want to, more color never hurts me!
Glitter on,


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