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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WooHoo, I am doing my first blog hop! The blog hop is sponsored by Sizzix and put together by Eileen Hull, who has also designed the ScoreBoard Die we all used for today's project. Check out her website to vote for your favorite project! There will be prizes for the winning designers.

In a blog hop, all of the participating designers use the same product. For this project we all used the Sizzix ScoreBoard Scalloped Box Die. In addition, we had a challenge for the project. It was to use something from the office supply store. Fun! I used garage sale stickers, check it out.

These dies are soon-to-be-released. So , while you are waiting, get some ideas from the blog hop, gather your materials and be ready.

You need:
  • the Scalloped Box and two flowers (mine is cut out of white matboard)
  • fine glitter: turquoise, pink, orange
  • 2 tiny crystal gems
  • white craft glue
  • double sided tape
  • the garage sale stickers
  • a smallish flat paintbrush
  • about 10" of craft wire
  • assorted beads to go on the wire
  • 2 eyelets and a setter
  • wire cutter, round nose pliers
Try this:
1. Set the eyelets in the top panel at the ends.

2. Press stickers wherever you want white dots.

3. Brush glue to cover box. Do not cover the dots completely. I tell you this from my experience and I could not find the dots after I glittered! Crazy! Sprinkle turquoise glitter over the box. Shake off the excess. Remove the dots. Carefully.

Glitter one flower pink and one orange. Let everything dry.

4. Use the double sided tape on the flaps to assemble the box. Use white glue to glue flowers to the front. Also glue the gems in the flower centers. Let dry again.

5. Around one jaw of the round nose pliers, form a couple coils in one end of the wire. String the wire through one eyelet, from the underside. String the beads on the wire. String the end of the wire through the other eyelet from the outside to the inside. Make a few coils, trim off the rest of the wire.

Cute purse! It would be so cute to use to deliver a party invitation. What other ideas do you have for its use??
Check out all of the other designer's blogs and projects. Both the designers and the projects are amazing!

Glitter on!


Michelle Cummings said...

I like how you used stickers to create the dots! Very Clever! I just added my post, hope you can add me to your link list!

Shannon Marie said...

great techniques and I love the end result!!

melonybradley said...

Margot- so creative- thanks for the pictures- I was wondering how you did the neat circles and glitter effect! Very cool

Roxi Phillips said...

Lovin' the step-outs! Great idea for masking polka-dots.

KarenB said...

So smart! Love your masking technique and the whole sparkly fun-ness (is that a word?) of your project!

Laura Bray said...

Polka dots AND glitter? What more could a girl ask for? I love it!

JGoode said...

Too Cute! Your idea to make the poka-dots... brilliant!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

This is great! I love how you used the stickers for your masking! Totally fun!

Teresa Godines #6857 said...

Love the glitter. Very cute.

CindiB said...

Love how you used the stickers as masks! Clever way to incorporate the office supplies!

Madeline said...

Love the polka dots and the "sparkles".
So very, very cute!

Eileen Hull said...

Kim I could swear I wrote you a comment- where did it go? Told you it was glittericious! Love the idea of totally covering this in sparkles! Thanks for joining in :-) said...

Beautiful! Love the handle!!

Aeify said...

Fantastic use of garage sale stickers!! Love the glitter...really really love all the glitter!! Love the idea of it housing an invitation!!

Marisa Pawelko said...

Very cute design! Loving it!

Jacqueline said...

Another FUN use for my burgeoning bead stash, shaped stickers and glitterati!

Texas Shredding said...

Sending out invitations brings out your creativity. With this idea, you can do your own variations. Another design you can do is glitter stripes. Instead of using dots, you can use shredded strips (for shredding: paper after laying it on the card board do the same steps from brushing with glue and putting on glitter then remove the paper strips.

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