Button Art, a Color Lesson, and a Giveaway!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I made this button wall art today with a $1 frame from the dollar store and a bunch of stuff from my craft stash. Bet you can too!

Here is what you need:
  • frame, mine is 5"x5"
  • 9 buttons, the same diameter
  • Glitter Sample Pack
  • white craft glue
  • scrapbook paper and acrylic paint to match
Try this:
1. Take the frame apart. Trace and cut out a piece of paper the same size as the frame backing. Glue the paper to the frame backing. Put aside the glass. We will think of something to do with it later.

Paint the frame. If you like the color it is when you buy it, skip this step and you are one step ahead of me.

2. Place the backing in the frame.

3. Lay out your buttons to see how they fit.

Here is your color lesson! Designers sometimes work with a color wheel to select colors. You have probably used one in art class sometime in your art career. You know the primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Check out where they are on the color wheel. The secondary colors are orange, purple and green. See where they are. Today, we are using analogous colors. Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel. On the wheel above, you see I am showing aqua, green, and lime as analogous colors. Any set of colors that are next to each other are analogous. The sample pack is laid out much like a color wheel. You can select three colors next to each other and they will be analogous. I have chosen fucshia, pink and purple for my button colors.

An analogous color palette will always work.

4. Using a flat brush, a craft stick, or your finger, cover the sides and top of a button with glue. I had this pair of skinny needlenose pliers on my table and they worked PERFECTLY to hold the button while I worked. Don't you love it when that happens?

5. Sprinkle glitter over the wet glue. Slip it off the pliers and set aside to dry.

6. Glitter your nine buttons. I did three of each of my analogous colors. Glue them onto the frame backing. Let them dry before standing up or hanging up.

Pretty cute for $1, if I do say so myself!!!

And now, the promised GIVEAWAY!

The first three people who email me (sparklstudio@aol.com) a pic of the buttons they will use to make a glitter button project, will receive a free glitter sample pack!

Get out the button box.
Glitter on!


Amy Bender said...

Sent you a pic! :) Looks great!!

All Wired Up TOO said...

What a cute project!

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