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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I had fun this afternoon covering these journals. I love journaling and there is nothing more enticing to me than a pretty journal that is empty and clean. They just beg me to write or draw inside.

I bought these mini composition books at the dollar store. Four in a package for $1. They are small: about 3" x 4". A quarter a book, how can you beat that?

The first thing I did was find four scrapbook papers in my stash that color coordinated. I covered the composition books with the papers. Just run a line of tape around the book using a tape runner. Trim the edges of the paper. Voile! It just takes a minute to do this step.

Then I made a tape tip on my glue bottle. Have you done this? it is really great if you want to squeeze glue out in a thin line. Which I did.

For this journal, I squeezed glue out to cover the lines already on the paper. Then, I sprinkled crystal glitter to cover the glue lines. Done. Easy.

I did the same here except I did two colors.

This cover has a 3D flower. I cut a flower from the unused paper, glued it to white fun foam, cut it out again...and then glittered it with colors that matched: turquoise in the center, lime around that and crystal around the petal edges. Finally I glued it to the cover. This is my favorite one.

For this one, I spread the glue to cover the front of the journal, and covered it with crystal glitter. I cut out a flower from the unused paper, glued it to white fun foam, cut it out again...and then glued it to the front of the journal.

None of these took more than a few minutes. I know you can think of a million uses for these cuties. Wouldn't they be a cute gift or favor tied up with a ribbon?

Use scraps of paper to keep the cost down.
Glitter on!


icandy... said...

that transformation of those dollar store notebooks is just adorable! great job!
i love the glitter!!!!

Tess said...


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely.

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