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Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't I know some cute boys? Here is another way to display a photo that is super fast and easy. You probably have some of these wooden pant hangers in the closet like I did. I found all of the other pieces in my stash, so that made this a free project. Use whatever you have on hand to design your own.

You need:
  • wooden pant hanger
  • Big & Glitzy Glitter Glue: 2 colors, I used Garnet and Peacock
  • acrylic paint, I used a bright lime green color
  • flat paintbrush
Try this:
1. Paint the front panel of the hanger. You can paint the whole thing, but painting the front works, and is fast. Let the paint dry.

2. Alternating colors, draw squares on the front of the hanger with Big & Glitzy. Put the opposite color dot inside each square. Let dry.

That's it! Now clip whatever you want to display into the hanger. I used a piece of scrapbook paper for a background. I had some letter stickers that I stuck to the paper. And I found a book of quotes that I did not remember I had, so I used a page from it. You could clip several pics on it.

Have fun designing! Then just hang it up.

Glitter on!

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Tess said...

That is a fabulous idea. I have a couple of those old hangers and they can be found for next to nothing at thrift stores. Another way to glam it up would be to tie some ribbon to the metal abouve the wood part. :)

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