Ode to Glitter

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Imagine for a moment a world without Glitter

Why the mere thought of it just makes me shiver!

All would be dark, all would be bleak,

Gloom would set in, as sure as I speak.

Glitter adds color! Glitter adds jazz!

Add glitter to anything for a touch of Pizzazz!

Glitter is sparkly, Glitter is fun,

Glitter shines brightly, just like the sun!

Have something drab you want to spruce up?

Add a dash of glitter to your clothes or makeup.

You’ll look all twinkly, like the stars in the sky,

But take my word for it; keep it out of your eye!

Sure, it’s a bit messy, at home and at work,

If you’re not careful, it’ll drive you berserk.

It finds its way into every nook and every cranny.

On your furniture, your hair, and covering old granny.

If it get’s on your skin, don’t you just scoff…

You’ll have to wash, scrub or sandblast it off.

And if you have the misfortune to breathe some of it in,

Let’s just say you’re sneezes will be more interestin’!

But I say it’s worth it! For all the color it brings,

To a world that needs it, all its queens and its kings!

Glitter is found in every color, for me and for you…

By the ounce, by the pound; or in paint and in glue.

So say it with me loud! Say it with me clear!

Let there be LOTS of glitter, or I’m outta here!

Oh, a world without glitter? Please don’t permit…

A world without glitter? I can’t imagine it!

Thanks to my friends at Michaels for this poem. Joann inspired it, Chris wrote it, Carla and Emma made the big letters in the photo. In real life, the big letters are 4 feet tall and covered in glitter!

Thanks friends!



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