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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seems like it is cold and snowy nearly everyplace on the map this week. You need a sweatshirt! I feel so blessed to be able to sit inside my warm kitchen and watch the snow falling outside. But, very soon, I will be out there on snow removal detail. That requires at least one sweatshirt.

No problem, since I like snow! What is better than a quiet snowfall? So pretty, so white, so clean. Such snowman potential!

This green hoodie with gorgeous gold Sparkle 21 flowers, accented with gold Sparkle gems is an adult size medium. My photo does not do it justice, the glitter is fabulous. I will give it away to a lucky winner tomorrow night. To enter this totally random drawing, leave a comment that describes what you see out your kitchen window today. Do you have snow?

Tomorrow night, don't delay!
Glitter on!



i see my backyard...brown grass, leafless plants, nothing green and yet, the sky is blue, the sun is bright, there are birds perched on the wooden fence. yes, the cold wind is blowing, and the yard is mushy from weeks of rain, not snow, but it is a beautiful day from my kitchen window.

Totally Unique Treasures said...

I live in Central Eastern Texas. We have a combo of brown grass and evergreen trees. I put a bunch of bird feeders out to help feed the birds in such a sparce time, so I see lots of chicadees, titmouse, finches and beautiful bright red cardinals. I see this as I drink my tea and try to recover from a sore throat that I got from being out in public on Saturday.

Carolyn said...

I'm looking out my window here in Northern Michigan and see snow, snow and more snow. Everything is white, even though I heard some birds yesterday that really want to come out and play. I am sitting here with my tea and smelling a apple candle. YUMMMMM.

Spiralmoon Studio said...

Since I am at work, I can't see my back yard. Can I still enter??? Ha Ha. If I could see it, there would be a pile of wet leaves, some very soggy grass and mud that my doggy will most likely track into the house each time she goes outside today.

Dianne said...

I'm justing icicles drip, drip, drip and wondering whose yard that is covered with over 40" of snow here in Pa!
Please enter me in your contest! Thanks!

Pinque said...

Snow - Yes and it's still snowing now!! It does look beautiful with the trees covered, a perfect winter wonderland!!

Barbara said...

Nice job! Steady hand on that line work! Out my kitchen window, I still see snow but starting to see some brown underneath. Snow dog is just about history as his head fell of yesterday. There are 13 deer in the yard at the moment. 3 bucks, 2 bambies and the rest does. One of the bucks hasn't lost his rack yet. Gorgeous animals, romping and eating. A lot of our azaleas won't bloom this spring, but the deer need food too. The just better not mess with my hydrangeas. They're off limits!!

All Wired Up TOO said...

Outside my kitchen window I see my snow covered bird feeders filled with chirping birdies. Nuthatches, chickadees, goldfinches, pine siskens, a few sparrows, one cardinal, and a piliated woodpecker is tapping on the suet in the feeder.
The fresh blanket of fluffy snow that fell over night has little bird prints..oh and some little paw prints of the local squirrel.
It's so nice to look out to see the local wildlife in my back yard.

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