Glitter Graffiti Jeans

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peace, Love, and Glitter! This is a great project for a group of girls. Just give them a flat space to lay out their jeans, and bottles of Sparkle 21. Make sure they can leave their masterpieces lying flat overnight.

Reasons you will love Sparkle 21:
  • - the sparkle and the color are amazing
  • - it is washable, not kidding, it can go in the washing machine
  • - it will stick to every surface
  • - it permanently holds gems and sequins
  • - the bottle has a nice thin tip for drawing and writing
Girls are natural doodlers, they will have a great time drawing and doodling on their jeans. Click on my pics below to get a better look at my graffiti jeans. It will give you some ideas for doodling.

No patterns needed, just draw!

Glitter on,


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